Whispers of Healing: A Poem of Miscarriage, Loss, and Hope

In the quiet whispers of the night's embrace,
Where sorrow lingers in the shadows' trace,
There lies a tale of a dream untold,
Of a heart that shattered, of stories old.

A fleeting moment, a spark of hope,
In the depths of longing, where dreams elope.
But fate's cruel hand, in a silent decree,
Turns joy to ashes, sets sorrow free.

In the hollow echoes of a silent cry,
Where grief and anguish intertwine and lie,
A mother's arms ache for a tender touch,
A father's heart breaks, yearning for much.

Yet amid the darkness, a glimmer shines,
A beacon of strength in the soul's confines.
For within the depths of despair's abyss,
Resides a seed of hope, a chance at bliss.

Through tears that fall like gentle rain,
Comes acceptance, easing the pain.
In the embrace of time's gentle flow,
Healing begins, a gentle, steady glow.

With each sunrise, a new dawn breaks,
Bringing solace to the heart that aches.
For though the scars may linger, raw and sore,
They bear witness to a love that forevermore.

So let us honor the ones we've lost,
Their memory cherished, no matter the cost.
For in their absence, we find our strength,
In the journey of healing, we go to great lengths.

For in the tapestry of life's intricate design,
Loss and love intertwine, forever entwined.
And though the road may be steep and long,
With faith and courage, we emerge strong.
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Beautiful poem! It is sad but it is also calming. I don’t know how to say it made me feel sad and calm at the same time.


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