Whispers Between Angel Mommies: A Poem of Shared Strength and Support

In the quiet depths of sorrow's embrace,
Two souls, united by loss, find solace,
Bound by the invisible thread of grief,
They navigate the shadows with grace.

With tear-stained cheeks and heavy hearts,
They share the weight of shattered dreams,
And in the echo of each other's pain,
They find the courage to rise above the screams.

For who but a fellow angel mommy,
Could understand the ache within,
The empty arms, the silent nursery,
The ache that never seems to dim.

So here's to you, my sister in grief,
May our tears mingle in the night,
As we honor the precious souls we've lost,
And find the strength to see the light.

For though our babies may be angels now,
Their spirits forever close at hand,
Guiding us through the darkest days,
With whispers of love upon the wind.

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This is so true. No one can feel the loss of a child the way someone who has lost a child can feel the pain.


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