How to support a friend who had a miscarriage?

Experiencing a miscarriage is an incredibly challenging and sensitive time, and being a supportive friend is essential. Offering a listening ear and comforting presence can make a significant difference. Here are heartfelt ways to help a friend who has had a miscarriage, focusing on being emotionally available and engaging in low-effort, distracting activities.

1. Be Available to Talk: Whether in person, via phone, or text, let your friend know you're there for them. Offer a safe space for them to express their feelings, and be a compassionate listener. Respect your friend's need to take time to privately process her feelings about pregnancy loss if she is not open to talking about her miscarriage. Share that you are ready to listen whenever they are ready to talk. 

2. Be Present with a Smile: Sometimes, a smile, a hug and a reassuring presence speak volumes. Be there with open arms, offering comfort and a shoulder to cry on. Let your friend know that you are there to provide support without judgment or pressure. Be present without the burden of expectation so that your friend can lean on you when she is ready.

3. Spend Quality Time Together: Engage in activities that bring joy and distraction. Consider watching a movie or her favorite TV show at home, cooking or baking together, or indulging in shared hobbies like puzzling, playing board games, gaming, hiking, nature walks, yoga, or pilates. Share that the goal is to create positive moments and that there's no rush to move on from the pain.

4. Pampering and Bonding: Create a spa day experience by getting manicures, pedicures, or indulging in pampering activities. This not only offers relaxation but also provides a bonding opportunity. Let your friend know that this is a time for self-care and shared moments of care.

5. Retail Therapy: Take a trip for some retail therapy. A low-effort and distracting activity, shopping together can provide a change of scenery and a sense of normalcy. Be sure to avoid areas that showcase pregnancy and baby items, ensuring a comfortable shopping experience.

6. Beach Day: If feasible, spend a day at the beach. The soothing sounds of waves and the calming environment can offer solace and a break from the routine. Emphasize that the goal is to enjoy the present moment, surrounded by nature's beauty.

7. Enjoy Theater Together: Consider attending a theater show together. It's a low-effort outing that can be both distracting and emotionally soothing. Encourage your friend to immerse herself in the storyline, providing a temporary escape.

8. Other Low-Effort Distractions: Explore additional activities that require minimal effort but provide distraction and comfort. This could include a leisurely picnic in the park, exploring a museum, attending an art exhibit, or taking a trip to an aquarium where watching fish can be soothing and calming. Remind your friend that the pace of activities will be based on her comfort and readiness.

9. Respect Boundaries and Be Flexible: During a shopping trip, avoid areas that showcase items related to pregnancy and babies. It's essential to respect boundaries and move at a pace that works for the grieving friend. Be flexible, open, and understanding if plans need to be canceled or modified. Additionally, if planning a trip to the zoo, be wary of displays with baby animals, as this might be emotionally challenging. Express your understanding that her needs and comfort come first.

10. Give a Meaningful Miscarriage Gift: Consider giving a thoughtful miscarriage memorial gift, such as a miscarriage memorial coinbaby angel figurinehuggable plush heart, or a print of the baby with Jesus safe in heaven. These tangible reminders can offer solace and provide a way to honor the memory of the baby and comfort the mother.

Supporting a friend through miscarriage involves being there emotionally and engaging in activities that bring comfort and distraction. Whether it's sharing a simple smile, spending quality time together, or participating in low-effort distractions, your presence can be a source of solace during this challenging time. Remember, the key is to be attuned to your friend's needs and provide support in a way that feels most comforting to them.

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All good ideas. I think it is most important to be present and accessible. I like the idea of offering distractions and a memorial gift too.


It’s so important to check on a grieving mother regularly because sometimes you feel ok and then suddenly grief comes out of nowhere.


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