Honoring Early Miscarriage: 20 Meaningful Ways to Remember and Commemorate

Losing a pregnancy, no matter how early, can be a devastating experience for parents and their loved ones. While the grief of early miscarriage may feel isolating, finding meaningful ways to honor and remember the lost baby can provide solace and comfort. In this blog post, we'll explore various ways to honor an early miscarriage, offering ideas for parents, living siblings, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and friends alike.

1. Plant a Symbolic Tree or Butterfly Bush: Symbolizing growth, renewal, and the fleeting beauty of life, planting a tree or butterfly bush in memory of the lost baby can create a lasting tribute.

2. Name a Star: Naming a star after the baby offers a celestial and everlasting remembrance, symbolizing their eternal presence in the night sky.

3. Make a Donation: Making a donation to a charitable organization in the baby's name can be a meaningful way to honor their memory while also supporting a cause that resonates with the family.

4. Participate in a Marathon or Walk: Joining a marathon or walk dedicated to miscarriage awareness can provide a sense of purpose and solidarity while honoring the lost baby's memory.

5. Frame a Sonogram Print: Preserve the memory of the baby by framing a sonogram print, creating a beautiful and tangible memorial that can be displayed in the home.

6. Light a Candle on the Due Date: Lighting a candle on the due date of the lost pregnancy can serve as a poignant reminder of the baby's presence and the love that remains.

7. Release a Flying Lantern: Releasing a flying lantern into the sky symbolizes letting go and sending messages of love to the baby in heaven.

8. Gift a Miscarriage Memorial Coin: Offering a miscarriage memorial coin provides a physical token of remembrance, honoring the baby's place in the family's hearts.

9. Gift an Angel Figurine: An angel figurine serves as a comforting reminder of the baby's angelic presence and the love that surrounds them.

10. Gift a Huggable Heart Plush: A huggable heart plush provides warmth and comfort, offering a tangible symbol of love and support during times of grief.

11. Donate to Toys for Tots: Donating toys or gifts to children in need through organizations like Toys for Tots can honor the lost baby's memory by spreading joy and kindness to others.

12. Knit a Hat or Blanket for NICU Babies: Handcrafting a hat or blanket for babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) can honor the lost baby's memory while providing comfort to families facing similar challenges.

13. Volunteer at a Shelter or Food Bank: Giving back to the community through volunteer work at a shelter or food bank can be a meaningful way to honor the baby's memory by spreading compassion and support to those in need.

14. Create a Memory Garden: Designate a special area in the garden or backyard to plant flowers, plants, or shrubs in memory of the lost baby. This serene space can serve as a peaceful retreat for reflection and remembrance.

15. Write a Letter or Journal: Expressing thoughts and feelings through writing can be therapeutic. Parents and loved ones can write letters to the baby, documenting their emotions, memories, and hopes for the future. Keeping a journal dedicated to the baby's memory can provide a private space for reflection and healing.

16. Create a Memorial Corner: Set up a dedicated space in the home with a candle, flowers, and sonogram print, providing a peaceful sanctuary for remembrance and reflection.

17. Donate a Homecooked Meal: Prepare and donate a homecooked meal to a family in need, spreading kindness and comfort in honor of the lost baby.

18. Create a Social Media Announcement: Share a heartfelt post on social media about the baby angel, raising awareness and fostering support from friends and family.

19. Write a Poem or Song: Channel emotions into creative expression by writing a poem or song dedicated to the baby, capturing memories and feelings in a meaningful way.

20. Support the Mother's Healing: Offer practical support and empathy to the mother of the angel, helping her navigate the grieving process and find healing in her own time.

Honoring an early miscarriage is a deeply personal and individual journey. Whether through acts of remembrance, charitable deeds, creative expressions of love, or finding solace in nature, each gesture serves as a testament to the enduring love and connection shared with the precious baby gone too soon.
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Miscarriage is so brutal but the more you try to forget the more you remember. It took me a long time to understand that it is ok to remember that most painful time and grieve in memory of my child. I light a candle on my baby’s due date every year to remember him. It helps me.


I got the heart plush pillow and I find it so helpful to hold my baby’s memories. I hate that I never held my baby and really wanted to be able to hold her close to me. This helps me hold my baby’s memories and have something to hug.


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