The Inspiration Behind

The Inspiration Behind

miscarriage gifts

Welcome to – a space created with love, empathy, and a profound understanding of the pain that comes with miscarriage and infant loss. My name is Hannah, and I am the heart behind this initiative.

This journey began as a deeply personal one, rooted in the memory of my angel baby. As someone who has experienced a decade of infertility and the heart-wrenching pain of pregnancy loss, I understand the complex emotions that accompany such a journey. Grieving child loss is a unique and individual process, and finding solace can be an ongoing challenge.

In creating, my intention is to offer a source of comfort and healing for parents navigating this difficult path. Each gift available on this platform is a tribute to the memory of my own angel baby, a way for me to transform grief into a positive force for those who may be walking a similar road.

One of the most challenging aspects of miscarriage and infant loss is the difficulty in finding the right words to console a grieving parent. Too often, well-intentioned friends and family members are at a loss for how to offer support. It's during these times of silent struggle that a small, thoughtful gesture can speak volumes.

The gifts featured on are carefully curated to convey love, understanding, and a shared sense of loss. Our gifts are more than mere tokens; they are expressions of empathy, symbols of solidarity, and reminders that the journey through grief is not one that needs to be walked alone.

I understand the power of a compassionate touch during times of sorrow. It is my hope that the offerings on this site provide solace to those who need it most. Through, my aim is to foster a community of healing, understanding, and support for those who are navigating the challenging terrain of miscarriage and infant loss.

To all the parents who have experienced the heartache of losing a child, know that you are not alone. is here as a beacon of compassion, a virtual embrace that says, "I see your pain, I honor your journey, and you are not forgotten."

With heartfelt warmth, 

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This is such a lovely idea, to have miscarriage gifts. This type of infant loss happens all over the world, all year long, and it is so difficult to know how to help or what to say. And when you are the person who lost, there isn’t usually anything people can say to make it better. So many people will be grateful to have this resource of miscarriage gift ideas, thank you!


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