Finding Solace in Faith: A Mother's Journey of Healing

In the hushed embrace of the night,
A mother's heart weeps silent tears,
Haunted by the echoes of loss,
And the weight of unspoken fears.

But in the gentle whisper of faith,
She finds the courage to stand tall,
To lift her eyes to the heavens above,
And surrender to the Creator's call.

For in the depths of her despair,
She discovers a glimmer of light,
A beacon of hope amidst the darkness,
Guiding her through the endless night.

With each prayer whispered in the breeze,
She finds strength to face the pain,
To embrace the healing touch of grace,
And let love's gentle reign.

For faith becomes her guiding star,
Leading her on a path of peace,
Where wounds of the heart find solace,
And fears and doubts finally cease.

In the arms of her Creator,
She finds refuge from the storm,
A sanctuary of love and healing,
Where her spirit is forever reborn.
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Nothing makes sense after a loss so big as a miscarriage. In such tough times, holding onto faith can help find one’s way through darkness.


Faith can help heal any wound. May we all find comfort and strength in our faith to find peace.


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