Echoes of Hope: A Mother's Miscarriage Journey

In the gentle embrace of anticipation,
A mother cradles her tender dreams,
Nurturing hopes as delicate as newborn whispers,
Painting visions of a future adorned in joy.

With each flutter of life within her,
She weaves a tapestry of aspirations,
Imagining laughter dancing in the air,
And tiny hands grasping hers with love.

But fate, in its capricious dance,
Unleashes a tempest upon her fragile world,
Shattering the serenity of her dreams,
Leaving behind echoes of sorrow and loss.

The nursery once filled with promise,
Now stands silent, haunted by what could have been,
As tears trace paths down cheeks once adorned with smiles,
Now etched with the ache of a mother's broken heart.

Yet amidst the wreckage of shattered dreams,
A flicker of hope refuses to be extinguished,
For in the depths of despair, she finds strength,
And in the echoes of her grief, she discovers resilience.

Though the road ahead may be veiled in shadows,
She carries the light of her unborn child within,
Their spirit a beacon of love guiding her through the storm,
As she learns to embrace the beauty in the midst of brokenness.
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Such a beautiful poem expressing sentiments that I can relate to but did not have the words to express. My love for my child is endless. I will love you forever my angel.


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