A Rainbow's Promise: Embracing Hope After Loss

In the tender whispers of the night,
A mother cradles her fragile heart,
Haunted by the shadows of the past,
And the silent ache of dreams torn apart.

With trembling hands, she reaches out,
To touch the faint glimmer of a new dawn,
A fragile ray of hope amidst the darkness,
A rainbow born from the tears withdrawn.

Yet amidst the flickering candlelight,
Lies the echo of fears once whispered,
Of shattered dreams and silent screams,
Of precious angels softly whispered.

She holds her breath with trembling hope,
As she traces the curve of her growing womb,
Dreams of laughter, of tiny hands to hold,
Yet fears the specter of impending doom.

For every beat of her fragile heart,
Carries the weight of a thousand fears,
Of losing another precious soul,
And drowning once more in sorrow's tears.

But amidst the tempest of uncertainty,
She finds the courage to embrace the light,
To dance upon the precipice of hope,
And chase away the shadows of the night.

For in the whispers of the gentle breeze,
She hears the promise of a new day,
A rainbow's arc across the stormy skies,
Guiding her on a path paved with hope's array.
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